What do homebuyers really want?

What do home-buyers really want?

(Based on Knight Frank’s annual Global Buyer Survey)

Survey results have reinstated the beliefs of many in the industry with a predominant focus on space, clean air and rural locations being at the forefront of most home movers’ minds. 22% of the survey respondents, particularly in Europe, cited outdoor space as one of the main factors in moving house.

This is linked with 46% of respondents that are more likely to buy a detached home with the number one reason for wanting to move cited as being an ‘upgrade’ to the family home.

42% of participants registered preferring a coastal or lakeside location and 34% and 18% wanting a country/rural location.

68% of those considering a move were motivated by a post-pandemic need for green space, healthy, outdoor-centric lifestyle with excellent air quality and good views of the ocean, mountains, or beautiful skyline.

However, surprisingly, of those respondents that are more inclined to move in the next 12 months, 38% are looking at a city location as their next spot to relocate to.

 – Molly