Should I Cash Out?

Is now a good time to sell my rental property? Good question.  Aside from the obvious factor of financial gains, there are a number of other reasons why now may be a good time to sell.  1)    Financial – The most obvious, selling your property will inject a (hopefully) large amount of funds into your […]

What do homebuyers really want?

What do home-buyers really want? (Based on Knight Frank’s annual Global Buyer Survey) Survey results have reinstated the beliefs of many in the industry with a predominant focus on space, clean air and rural locations being at the forefront of most home movers’ minds. 22% of the survey respondents, particularly in Europe, cited outdoor space […]

How is the property industry working towards ‘Net Zero’?

COP26 in Glasgow was an opportunity for the real estate industry to showcase its commitments to climate change. This encompassed how it would engage with governments from around the world to combat and mitigate the impacts of climate change. The property sector is working towards addressing its significant contribution to global emissions, approximately 40% globally. […]

The art of Valuing in 2022

Ever wondered how we appraise your property? You’ve heard the saying ‘a property is only worth what someone is prepared to pay’.  There is an element of truth to that of course, however how do agents actually reach a figure that they think is a realistic appraisal of your property? First of all, the most […]

A year in reflection – 2021

Changing guidelines and practices Looking back over the past year its hard not to look past the obvious effects that COVID has had on the housing sector and the economy has a whole.  Unprecedented steps were taken by the government to enable the housing market to try and navigate through the stormy waters that lay […]

Communication is Key

Making life easier for Tenants and Landlords Since Bartrams introduced our 24/7 WhatsApp access, the service has been invaluable to our clients as a way of letting them communicate with us directly and quickly.  By giving an out of hours contact number we aim to bridge the gap between the traditional office closing time of […]

How does climate change affect the industry?

Read on to see just a few examples… The Impact of Climate Change on Selling and Buying Residential Property With the economic, political, and social focus on climate change advancing, the pressures from this are felt across many industries. Changes to the conveyancing process can be predicted in terms of searches conducted and documentation issues […]

Bartrams Blog

A new beginning…. Welcome to the ‘Bartrams Blog’.  A space where we intend to keep you up to date about the various happenings within our business and the industry as a whole.  Opinions will be of the individual blogger so may differentiate from what you see or hear in the media however this should give […]